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Boost revenue by capitalizing on an untapped market.

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More people through your doors equals new members.

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Become visible to thousands of GymNOW users in your area.

The GymNOW Platform

GymNOW is a mobile app that allows gym-goers everywhere to find their ideal gym. Gyms are listed by amenities offered and pass availability.


Appear by price

Gym-goers can filter gyms by day-pass price

Filter by amenities

Gym-goers may also filter by desired amenities

Increased visibility

Instantly become visible to GymNOW users in your city

GymNOW Management Console

Gyms are in complete control of all aspects of GymNOW


Easy-to-use Check-in

No training required, simply click to check-in GymNOW users

  • Check users in with one click
  • Check-in not required for payment
  • Streamlined liability waiver
  • Passes refresh daily
  • Pass check-in takes less than 5 seconds

Pass Availibility

Gyms maintain control over all aspects of pass availability.

Ready to Use

GymNOW is browser based and compatible with any management system.

Limited Maintance

After intitial setup GymNOW is virtually maintance free.

Gyms Near You

Pass availability varies by time and gym discretion

Why GymNOW

Completely Risk Free

When GymNOW sells passes to your gym, you make money. GymNOW only takes a commission on passes sold.

Customizable to Fit Any Gym

Gyms control the price of each pass, number of passes available and time passes can be used.

Encourages Membership

Some fitness apps encourage memberships to their app, GymNOW encourages membership to your gym.

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